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Custom Glass Bottle Manufacturers

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Custom glass bottle manufacturers has progressed dramatically from the old days of identical models, which means that bottles can now be designed in almost any shape, size or form.

Examples of  glass Bottle Manufacturers

Many bottles are blow-molded to create the desired shape and may utilize an already in-stock blow-mold form or require a custom design. Good examples of blow-molded bottles include beauty products such as shampoo, conditioner and body wash, which come in several different sizes and variations of shapes. In addition, the closure is appropriate to the content of the bottle and might include a pump, dispenser or sprayer.

Custom bottle manufacturers can produce containers such as:

- Round bottles

- Cylinders

- Wide mouth jars

- Straight sided jars

- Oval bottles

- Oblong bottles

Other types of specialty bottles can include spray pumps, dispensers, lipstick tubes and more. Moreover, most bottles are made from HDPE or PVC, although there are a variety of material options.

Industries for Custom bottle manufacturers

Just about any industry that produces products in a bottle can benefit from custom bottle manufacturing, including the following:

- Industrial

- Beverage

- Automotive

- Food

- Vitamins

- Beauty

- Drug

- Health

- Garden

- Household

- Eco-friendly

- Specialty

Other Custom Bottle Considerations

Custom glass bottle manufacturers face a wide variety of additional considerations, such as FDA requirements, tamper-evident shrink bands, childproof caps, senior friendly closures and more.

For example, many manufacturing processes require high heat. This means that the bottle must be custom designed to handle hot fill temperatures.

Bottles can also be made in glass, multi-layer form, flexible pouches and more. Another example is a concentrated refill pouch for window cleaner, allowing consumers to add water and use.

Custom glass bottle manufacturers can also consider new and innovative design concepts such as vitamins that fit into the cap of the bottle.

In addition, custom labels can be created using a variety of print techniques to create an appealing, easy-to-read label that will garner a response from consumers.

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