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Glass Bottle Printing

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In today’s crowded marketplace, an exciting and distinctive package can set your product apart from the rest. Maximizing the capabilities of state-of-the-art application equipment, SGSBOTTLE can decorate virtually any glass container, with glass printing and bottle decorating, using a direct-screen printing.


Table Of Contents:

1.Features and Benefits of Glass Printing Bottle Decorating

2.Why Us


4.How To Do The Screen Printing

5.Important Points to Remember


Features and Benefits of Glass Printing Bottle Decorating:

The bottle is the canvas for your design. There are no boundaries like those of the traditional label

Distinctive package – different than the common label

Your product is set apart from the rest

The consumer sees printing directly on the bottle as premium and of the highest quality. A decorated package is used for some of the world’s most recognizable liquors and spirits

Printing directly on the bottle overcomes labeling issues on tapered or multi-shaped bottles

There are no bubbles or wrinkles on the label to distract the consumer and lower quality perception


Why Us?


Very few companies have as much experience as our decorators when it comes to screen-printing containers, we can offer the lowest scrap rates in the industry. We make our own screens and mix our own inks, keeping development time to a minimum.


Although screen-printing is a common method for decorating containers, the variables are both numerous and complex. More containers are scrapped for poor adhesion than any other quality issue. Working with an experienced and trusted screen printer is the best way to minimize waste and loss, and get the results you want, on time and within budget.



Screen printing pricing is based on the number of colors applied to the container – because each unique color requires a unique screen and an additional ‘pass’ through the machine. The more passes through the machine, the more expensive the project. Due to the various sizes & shapes of all the Bottle & Jars we sell; it’s hard to specify a minimum quantity of Bottles or Jars that we can decorate, but we typically live by the rule of thumb that for a printing order is 5000pcs.


How To Do The Screen Printing

1.Determine the available live decorating area (Die Line)

Your art design team to design within the maximum top to bottom and front to back space limitations, and be sure the artwork is positioned correctly on the component.


2.At this step, you need to have your graphics/artwork completed by your art design team. They’ll produce an art file that will need to be submitted to SGSBOTTLE for review by our decorators. Don’t forget, it’s critical to have any custom colors in your design communicated in the art file. Most customers supply us with Color System swatches such as Pantone, Toyo, etc., that specify the color(s) they wish to use.


3.The best formats for art file submissions are:


Acrobat Professional 9.5.0

Bitmaps, jpeg and tiff images generated in Work or Adobe Photoshop won’t work for this process.


4.At this stage, we’ll get to work on pre-production proofs of the processed art file. We’ll draft and route the proof via e-mail for your final review and approval.

Simultaneously, we’ll need to accomplish the screening ink color match - typically, this involves printing swatches of your color(s) on your actual component. If your components are not yet available - we can accomplish the color match process utilizing a representative bottle - as long as the resin and resin colorant is identical. We will submit 4 representative samples for your approval.


5.Once we receive your approvals - we get to work decorating your glass bottles or jars. Depending on the decorating site, we’ll communicate the current lead time for finished components


Important Points to Remember


Ink adhesion is a critical consideration for the Silk Screening process. In order for the inks to adhere to the package, many plastic component materials will require surface modification by flame treating. Flame treating these surfaces prepares the surface to achieve a bond strong enough to withstand flexing, soapy water, and hands touching the ink without flaking off for the consumer. (Many of our decorators find best results when components are flamed in-house versus pre-flamed during component manufacture.)

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