Glass Candy Jar

SGSBottle become one of the leading suppliers of wholesale candy jars. Our candy jars are suitable for a variety of content, such as jellies, coffee beans, tea, yogurt, pudding, juice, soda, wine, sugar, cream, vinegar, and more. They come in different styles, sizes, and caps. You can choose from aluminum, cork, glass, and tinplate for their lids.

Multipurpose Glass Candy Jar – The perfect food-storage-container option for most foodstuff such as cookies, candies, pretzels, snacks, and even coffee, beans, flour, sugar. Food will be kept fresh and mites-free. Apothecary jar is also great for bathroom storage of toiletries, such as Q-tips, cotton balls and bath bombs; fasteners, like screws; small toys; detergent; and buttons
Charming Design – Candy bin stands stable upright for maximum food storage space or on its side for a beautiful effect and easy access. Candy holder is charmingly designed and durable; it is one product to be enjoyed for many years.

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