Glass Honey Jar

China glass honey jar manufacturer, wholesaler and custom glass honey jar.

From clear, golden amber honey to buckwheat honey in rich, warm brown, honey jars display the beauty and preserve the taste of this nectar from nature. Create a buzz with plastic and glass honey jars in engaging shapes like the nostalgic honey bear, traditional skep jars, hexagon glass jars, square, bulb, round jars and more from SGSBOTTLE.

Honey can have a surprising shelf life, but can lose its aroma and flavor quickly if not stored properly, Honey is naturally bacteria-resistant, but easily absorbs moisture and odors if exposed to them. Honey jars with lids or corks preserve the product’s flavor, and maintain low moisture levels so it stays sweet until the last drop. For nature’s natural sweetener, glass honey jars ensure better shelf stability than plastic food jars when stored long-term.

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