Glass Coffee Jar

Glass Juice Bottle Manufacturer and Wholesale. Package your juice, smoothies, or other beverages inside juice bottles designed to keep liquids fresh and tasty, whether they are sold on the shelves, or in refrigerated cases. Choose between glass and plastic materials, and a large variety of shapes and designs to complement your product. You can select bottles that come with caps or choose models that offer caps separately. There are several capacity options, from single serving bottles to gallon jugs. Each bottle has plenty of room for a custom label to properly advertise your brand.
Versatile glass juice bottles, with high-quality designs that preserve the flavour and improve the ergonomics for consumers.Glass juice bottles wholesale in different sizes: 20 cl, 25 cl, 50 cl and 75 cl. These high quality glass bottles are perfect for bottling juices. Find the best glass juice bottle that meet your needs.

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