Glass Liquor Bottles

China Glass Liquor Bottle Manufacturer and Wholesale, custom glass liquor bottle. SGSBOTTLE offers a variety of tamper-evident liquor bottle caps that alert customers if somebody has previously opened the bottle. The tamper-evident bottle caps fit a range of bottle types including glass, plastic, and aluminum. Most of the liquor bottle caps are available in at least two of the following colors to help you customize your product: gold, red, black, and white. SGSBOTTLE’s polypropylene and aluminum bottle caps come with a secured ring beneath the cap. When the cap is unscrewed for the first time, the connection between the ring and cap breaks. Tin roll-on pilfer-proof (ROPP) caps come with a tin seal on the outside of the cap that breaks when your customer opens the bottle. Tamper-evident caps give your customers peace of mind, knowing that their bottle hasn’t been compromised.

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