Green Boston Round Glass Bottle


Boston Round Glass Bottle is often used in the Chemical and Drug industries
Comes In an array of assorted colors
Darker colors (such as amber) are ideal for products that need protection from UV rays, which include liquids like essential oils
Perfect container for storing all types of products like hand soap, lotions, and oils


Customization is always available, Simple communication, accurate understanding, wide options, shape, capacity, finish and deep process. Contact us for custom glass bottle for you.


The Boston Round Glass Bottle is a sturdy, solid bottle, often used for drug or chemical purposes. It comes in an array of assorted colors and sizes, is perfect for uses like storing oils, shampoo and hand soap, and is also commonly used for cosmetic products

The darker colors such as amber are beneficial for storing liquids such as essential oils. The dark amber hue blocks out UV rays, which will lengthen the life of the product.

The varying neck sizes of the Boston Round container provide for many options of closures, including metal plastisol liners for a more industrial look. Catch customers attention by adding one of our plastic-ribbed / smooth foam or pressure-sensitive seal liner caps to give a pharmaceutical, professional, clean finish. Whatever the choice of dropper, plastic or metal cap you choose, our leak proof closures are sure to keep your product safe and fresh (caps are sold separately).

Capacity15ml 30ml 60ml 120ml 240ml 480ml 960ml
Bottle StyleRound Shape
ColorAmber, Blue, Green, Clear
MaterialFlint Glass
FDA ApprovedYes
Cap StyleCork, Aluminum Cap

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