64oz Amber Glass Beer Growler


Which has a twist on and off finish with a long and wide body that has a tapered shoulder and neck.
The amber glass beer bottle protects light from infiltrating to maintain taste.


Customization is always available, Simple communication, accurate understanding, wide options, shape, capacity, finish and deep process. Contact us for custom glass bottle for you.


Refillable and reusable, this growler is an eco-friendly, cost-effective alternative to buying traditional 12 oz. bottles that need to be recycled. With craft beer on the rise, growlers are becoming a popular option at many bars. Featuring a large decorating area which can be designed with up to five different colors, this vessel will build user brand awareness. With an endless variety of options available, you can advertise your bar or microbrew’s logo exactly as you want, which helps you establish a brand and gain repeat customers.

Bottle StyleRound Shape
MaterialFlint Glass
FDA ApprovedYes
Cap StylePlastic Cap

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