Bordeaux Glass Wine Bottle


Wide shoulders and streamlined sides
Ease of bottling, storage and transportation.


Customization is always available, Simple communication, accurate understanding, wide options, shape, capacity, finish and deep process. Contact us for custom glass bottle for you.


The Bordeaux bottle emerged a little later than the Burgundy bottle, which was named after the wine region Bordeaux, and now most of our common wines are made in this bottle.

With its wide shoulders and streamlined sides, it is the classic bottle shape of the Bordeaux region. It was initially used for Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot, two popular wines, and after its appearance, it was immediately recognized by winemakers worldwide as the most popular bottle in the world because of its ease of bottling, storage and transportation.

It is thought to have been designed with this shoulder to better deposit impurities, and some believe that much of it is still a deliberate attempt to differentiate the bottle from the Burgundy style.

Capacity750ml 1000ml 1500ml
Bottle StyleRound Shape
Colorgreen, amber,black,blue,customizable
MaterialFlint Glass
FDA ApprovedYes
Cap StyleCork Cap, Aluminum cover

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