HOCK Glass Wine Bottle


Rhine bottles are very similar to Alsace bottles in that they also look tall and slim. However, the color of Rhine bottles is generally brown.
Representative: Rhine Riesling


Customization is always available, Simple communication, accurate understanding, wide options, shape, capacity, finish and deep process. Contact us for custom glass bottle for you.


There are two types of Hock bottles, the green-bodied Alsace or Moselle bottle and the brown-bodied Rhine bottle. The Alsace or Mosel bottle is tall and thin and holds wines of different styles, from dry to semi-dry to sweet. The only way to know what’s in the bottle is to look at the label. The Rhine bottle is similar in shape to the Alsace or Mosel bottle, and is mainly used for wines from the Rhine region.

Capacity500ml, 750ml
Bottle StyleRound Shape
Colorgreen, amber,black,blue,customizable
MaterialFlint Glass
FDA ApprovedYes
Cap StyleCork Cap, Aluminum cover

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